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Prayer is talked about repetitively throughout the Bible.  It is a commandment from God to us.  It is about us knowing God and asking Him to work in us and through us and around us.  Prayer isn’t for God, it’s for us.

Join us as you listen to Kim, who brought the message this week, and learn together what it really means to “seek God’s face.”  Talk given 9/28/10.

Prayer – Audio

Prayer [Notes]

Prayer [Powerpoint]

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Jesus is Practical: Prayer

Prayer is our direct line of communication to God!  It doesn’t get any better than that!  It is how we stay in tune with Him at any time of the day in any situation.

So why do we struggle to do it?  What happens when it seems like nobody’s listening or hearing our prayers?  Why should we pray?  What does it look like to pray effectively?

Please listen and find out.  This talk was given 4/20/10.

Jesus is Practical: Prayer

Jesus is Practical – Prayer [Powerpoint Slides]

Jesus is practical – Prayer [notes]

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