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Biblical Righteousness – Serving the Poor and Oppressed

God’s has great concern for those who are marginalized, pushed aside, forgotten by people and/or suffering in some way. Ai??It is mentioned form the beginning of the Bible to the end! Ai??We so often read the Bible from a selfish perspective that we miss this major theme in the Sciptures. Ai??In fact it is mentioned more than almost any other theme!

If it’s so important why do we overlook it? Ai??Please learn with us why it’s so important to join in with God to love those around us kamagra jelly. #Buy Kamagra canada. where to buy kamagra safely. who are in need! Ai??Talk given 10/19/10.

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Biblical Righteousness [Notes]

Biblical Righteousness [Powerpoint]

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Jesus is Practical: Serving Those In Need

Jesus’ words to His disciples and followers were consistent with the major thrust in Scripture towards serving those in need. Ai??There are poor and oppressed people in every culture, environment and economy. Ai??Oppression happens on multiple levels and has many ways of manifesting itself. Ai??This talk focuses on the many ways people are either oppressed or are the oppressors and discovering what we can do about it.

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Jesus is Practical: Serving those in need

Jesus is Practical – Serving [Powerpoint slides]

Jesus is Practical – Serving those in need

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