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Dexter Reardon

Dexter at the Annual Phileo Party

I am currently the Website Coordinator of the UAlbany Campus Ambassadors. I am an information science major and a business minor. I enjoy watching anime and playing video games.

I have been with C.A. for about 2 years now and look forward to all of the upcoming years.

Posted by Steve Bugler, 8 years, 9 months ago at 2:05 pm.

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Dexter’s Story

Dexter at the Annual Phileo Party Dexter at the Annual Phileo Party

Growing up I had what now might be called an “ordinary” religious background. When I was young I went to church with my parents. I didn’t really understand what was going on at that point. All I remember now was communion, and all I knew about that was that I walked up the aisle and kneeled down at the altar to get some flat bread and juice. I got baptized when I was a toddler and never really understood what it meant. When we moved from that neighborhood to our next house we didn’t find a new church to go to. When we moved to the house after that we still didn’t go back to church. My family and I would often feel uncomfortable and maybe even guilty when others talked about their regular church attendance. Now that I’ve started to branch out and learn on my own I realize what I’ve been missing out on.

God reached me in a way that only He could. Last October I was sitting in the Cooper Hall common area reading one of my favorite sci-fi novels. It had gotten to a part where the characters were talking about God when I thought “I really need to get back to God.” If I had been left to myself I probably would have just sat there and never followed up on that thought.

As soon as I had finished that thought, I saw two girls going around in costumes. Continue Reading…

Posted by Steve Bugler, 8 years, 11 months ago at 3:09 pm.

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