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Experiencing God’s Love

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Many of us have very little idea what it means to actually love properly and what love means! Ai??I’m speaking of both men and women. We say things like ai???I Love my wife or girlfriend or Almost in the same breath we turn round and say, “I love that car” or “I love this shirt.” Ai??Suddenly the word ai???loveai??? means less and less because we spread it around and cheapen it. Ai??This also transfers onto our relationship with God! Ai??Is this what God’s love is like?

What does it mean in 1 John 4:19 which says, “We love because He first Loved us?” Ai??Can we trust that? Ai??If it doesn’t look like the world’s love, what does it look like?

Please listen and grow with us into a love like no where to buy diflucan one. #Buy Diflucan USA. fluconazole over the counter walmart. other! Ai??Talk given 11/16/10.

Experiencing God’s Love – Audio

Experiencing God’s Love [Powerpoint]

Experiencing God’s Love [Notes]

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