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Was Jesus God?

Steve gave the talk at the last session of our regional fall retreat this year. Ai??The theme of the weekend was “Mythbusters: we don’t just believe, we put it to the test!” Ai??and was largely oriented around many typical questions that skeptics have about the Christian faith. Ai??It was a great time with nearly 150 in attendance and 35 of those were from UAlbany! Ai??It was a powerful talk, that challenged both believers and non-believers to know and follow Jesus!

When he was finished speaking he went to the back of the room to get some materials for the small group he was leading only to find a woman named Michelle sitting near his bag. Ai??She spoke up and said, “It was like you were talking just to me!” Ai??and then followed with, ” You mentioned that if a person wanted to start a relationship with Jesus, there was a prayer we should pray. Ai??What was that prayer?” Ai??Steve asked, “Do you want to pray that now?” Ai??She responded, “YES!”

After leading her in prayer for salvation, Steve asked if he could tell everyone of her exciting decision and she said “Sure!” Steve walked to doxycycline price. #Doxycycline Online. where to buy doxycycline over the counter. the front of the room and spoke into the mic… “Ladies and Gentlmen, Michelle just gave her life to Christ! Ai??Welcome to the family Michelle!” Ai??The room exploded in applause and rejoicing!

Additionally, buy kamagra online next day delivery. #Kamagra USA. kamagra jelly. Joe Shea [Senior CA Staff] stated, “That was one of the most thorough talks on the resurrection I have ever heard.” Ai??Maybe you will agree. Ai??Maybe not. Ai??Please listen and find out.

Maybe you are like Michelle and after hearing this message want to know Jesus personally. Ai??If that is true, please contact us via email: Ai??

Or Facebook at the following page: Ai??

Was Jesus God?

Was Jesus God? – Notes

Was Jesus God Powerpoint

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