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Jesus is Practical: Accountability

It is seldom talked about but urgently needed… Accountability!  What does it mean and what does it mean to be accountable?  Who are we really accountable to?  If this one topic were taken seriously by the church alone, what would our world look like?  We would be the beacon of light that the world is looking for in all it’s “darkness” and attract people to Jesus!

Accountability isn’t easy, but it is necessary and very healthy to any individual, group, or society in general!  We NEED this in our lives, but so many of us avoid it like the plague.

Join our discussion as we investigate!  This talk was given on 4/13/10.

Jesus is Practical: Accountability

Jesus is Practical – Accountability [Notes]

Jesus is Practical – Accountability [Powerpoint slides]

Posted by Steve Bugler, 5 years ago at 2:13 pm.

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