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Alienation and loneliness are meant in Godai??i??s plan to be replaced by a new humanity which makes visible the love of God by sharing and expressing a common life in Christ. The local church is this reality for all believers and we are committed to being involved in the Body of Christ.

What is church relationship? It focuses on the students themselves in relation to the local church! We are committed to achieving the goal of helping each student with which we work become involved in the congregational life of a biblical church in a meaningful way while he/she is in school, and then continue to be involved in a New Testament local church whenever he/she leaves following graduation. Students should be challenged with the covenant community concepts concerning the people of God, running throughout the Bible. They should be applied today to a studentai??i??s involvement in the congregational life of the local church. When a student makes a life-long covenant commitment in his/her heart to the local church with consistent practice following, that student is church-related.

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We seek to implement this biblical (covenant) church relationship. It concerns CORPORATE DISCIPLESHIP. This is the unrealized task of campus ministry. Church relationship is our unique goal.

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