Campus Ambassadors @ UAlbany

Our Values


We think it is extremely important and a great joy [as well as a commandment from Jesus] to share the tremendous love of Jesus and life transformation that only He offers to everyone!


We have been witness to and recipients of the powerful transforming power of zoloft for anxiety. #purchase Zoloft. adjusting zoloft dosage. prayer. We gather to pray regularly. We open every meeting in prayer. We pray for one another daily. We gather as a group once a week to pray on campus for the campus.


We worship God every chance we get. We do this through song, through poetry, through dance, through drama, and through our daily living. We think worship of God is a privilege and an opportunity. We also worship God in how we behave, in how we treat others, in how we focus on our work, and how we spend our time and finances.


Every week we enter into a time of teaching to learn from the Bible and grow together.

The Leadership of CA is also committed to mentoring others one-on-one every week to build up buy doxycycline for dogs online. #Order Doxycycline. where to buy doxycycline over the counter. individuals to know and follow Christ together in every area of life.


Every week in various ways and throughout the semester, we make concerted efforts to serve the campus and the community at large, both locally and globally.

Breakfast Bar:

One of the ways we do that is every week, we get 5 gallons of coffee and 4 gallons of OJ and a ton of day-old baked goods from Capitla City Rescue Mission and 2 area Price Choppers. We bring all this to campus and set up 2 tables. One is all food and drinks, the other is free Bibles, info cards for our group, and we have a prayer request jar for all those who wish to make anonymous prayer requests.
We are simply there to serve the campus.

Service Projects:

Each semester we also try to make an effort to serve the community at large.

We clean up vacant lots, serve meals at the rescue mission, build homes with Habitat for Humanity, hold clothing drives for needy people and various other great ways to serve.


As we walk through life each of us struggles in various ways. We partner with each other to come along side one another in our struggles. We encourage [same-sex] one-on-one meetings with one another to be held accountable to Godai??i??s instruction from the Bible and will for our lives.
We also meet weekly to mentor each other, or be mentored, on various subjects contained in the Bible.


Fall Retreat:

Leader Weekend:


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