Campus Ambassadors @ UAlbany

Our Beliefs

We believe…

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  • God is one being made up of 3 persons; God the Father, the Son – Jesus, and the Holy Spirit – the perfect picture and example for us of community.
  • God is all powerful, all knowing, and ever present, who is a truly loving God filled with peace, hope, joy, patience, and gifts that He lavishes us with constantly [even when we don't realize it and always when we don't deserve it].
  • We were created by this God with purpose and significance.
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  • In this way, God is father to us all.
  • The Bible is the trustable and reliable Word of God written by Holy Spirit-inspired authors over vast spans of time.
  • God wants a true and deep relationship with each of us individually and collectively as it existed originally in the Garden of Eden with the first humans.
  • Those first humans and all people since then have sinned and do sin, making everyone in need of a savior.
  • Jesus was in fact God in the flesh. Ai??He was both fully God and fully man.
  • God in the form of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, humbled Himself and came to live among us and as a human.
  • He came to teach us the true meaning and purpose for our lives and invites each and every person to follow Him to restore the broken state of this world back to the wholeness and perfection that existed originally.
  • With the exception of Jesus, nobody else could ever do this and never will.
  • Jesus died on a cross [state sanctioned execution of the Roman Government prompted by the religious leaders of the day] but MIRACULOUSLY in 3 days time, rose again, defeating death, sin, and the enemy [Satan] once and for all!
  • Through this act, Jesus [God] made it possible that we could be found acceptable to God once again and opened the door to a relationship with Him ai??i?? not a religion.
  • Jesus invites each of us to share in His amazing story even now and partake as the history of redemption is made through our actions and behavior toward Him, others, ourselves and His creation [Shalom].
  • As such, our beliefs have significant impact on our decisions in how we live.
  • All people everywhere are welcomed and invited to know and follow God through the teachings and relationship that Jesus Christ offers.
  • It is our great honor as ai???children of Godai??? and ai???friendsai??? of Christ, to share the joy of salvation and a better way to live with everyone we come into contact with, everywhere.
  • In the symbolic statements made through fully immersing people in baptism we affirm the belief that our old life and ways are now dead and we have been made new and whole though our relationship with Christ.
  • It is extremely important to live a life that reflects our beliefs.
  • It is important to seek ways to make our faith stronger through being mentored, accountability, and following Christ.
  • One day [maybe even today, but nobody knows for sure], Jesus will return as He said He would and we will be invited to partake in a party like no other in history that will last for eternity!
  • Jesus wants everyone at that party.
  • You are invited to that party should you chose to know Christ!
  • We want you there with us!

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