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Experiencing God’s Love

Many of us have very little idea what it means to actually love properly and what love means! A�I’m speaking of both men and women. We say things like a�?I Love my wife or girlfriend or boyfriend.a�? Almost in the same breath we turn round and say, “I love that car” or “I love this shirt.” A�Suddenly the word a�?lovea�? means less and less because we spread it around and cheapen it. A�This also transfers onto our relationship with God! A�Is this what God’s love is like?

What does it mean in 1 John 4:19 which says, “We love because He first Loved us?” A�Can we trust that? A�If it doesn’t look like the world’s love, what does it look like?

Please listen and grow with us into a love like no other! A�Talk given 11/16/10.

Experiencing God’s Love – Audio

Experiencing God’s Love [Powerpoint]

Experiencing God’s Love [Notes]

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