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Jesus is calling you to be a Disciple!

Jesus was and is the creator of everything we know! A�He could have snapped His fingers and just demanded that we all follow Him, but He didn’t. A�He could have had the greatest “mega-church” the world has ever seen, but He didn’t. A�Instead, he chose to build into 12 men and left them with the call to build into more. A�Why would he do that? A�Was it an accident? A�Did He make a mistake?

Kicking off the year, Steve preached on the call to be a disciple. A� Please learn with us why the most powerful being ever, would choose to act in such a way!

Due to technical difficulties we were not able to record this talk. A�Please read the notes and powerpoint. A�Talk given 8/31/10.

Discipleship Notes

Discipleship Powerpoint

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