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Taylor learns to put more trust in God!

Throughout last semester, I learned a lot while going through the Old Testament with the E100 Challenge. Before taking this challenge I had never really read through the Old Testament before (only certain verses).

First, one of the most important things I learned while reading through this, was how much God loves each and every person. Throughout the Bible, God keeps providing in times of need and even when we donai??i??t know why He does what He does, it is always for our good. It amazes me how God can make all things come together just for our good and that He provides in the times we need Him the zoloft generalized anxiety disorder. #Zoloft online. what is zoloft used for. most.

Second, I learned to always put my trust in God. There have been many instances in the Bible where people put their trust in God and God never fails them. The best example of this for me is the story of Joseph in Genesis 37-46. Even when Joseph is in prison and at his lowest point, he trusts God and waits on God to fulfill His will. He does not whine and complain and say how horrible his life is but he simply waits and trusts God. This is only one of many examples in the Bible that show how having trust in God is ultimately the best to live your life. Putting trust in worldly things, something I have definitely struggled with, will set you up for disappointment. God is the only one we should trust because He will never disappoint us and always has our best interests in fluconazole and alcohol. #Generic Diflucan . fluconazole tablets. mind.

It was important for me to read through the Old Testament not only because I learned so much but also because Godai??i??s Word is truth. I know that reading through the New Testament will be just as informative and exciting as reading through the Old Testament was. I hope many of you have been learning along the way too because knowing the truth and following it is a powerful and invaluable gift.

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