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Nick discover’s JESUS throughout the Old Testament!

At the start of the E-100 Challenge I didnai??i??t know what to expect.Ai?? I was somewhat skeptical and I didnai??i??t think too highly of the whole small group idea in the first place.Ai?? Well, God absolutely tore down my preconceived notions and personal desires after going through the first week of leading the E-100 Challenge family group the following Tuesday.

First, the E-100 gave me a reading plan and a way to stay on track with reading my Bible on a daily basis and staying immersed in Godai??i??s word throughout the week.Ai?? Second, it also gave me a better, more complete understanding of who God is.Ai?? Specifically, God showed me how my personal walk with Him and my own life could easily relate to most, if not all of the charactersai??i?? lives in the Old Testament stories that we read, and in many cases it did!Ai?? I love that about the Bible ai??i?? how it transcends different time periods as well as cultures and because of that we can easily read, relate and apply the things we learn to our own lives.

One theme that really stood out to me throughout the first ten weeks of the E-100 challenge is Godai??i??s unfailing faithfulness along with the great, bold, and audacious faith that the characters we read about possessed (yes, I know that was two things, but the general theme here is faith).Ai?? Take Gideon for example.Ai?? First, itai??i??s important to understand that Gideon was an extremely unlikely candidate to do anything great for God (God will often use ordinary people to do extraordinary things).Ai?? So in the book of Judges God calls Gideon out of the winepress to save His people, the Israelites, from the Midianites.Ai?? And right when Gideon and his army is about to go kick some Midianite butt, God tells him to dwindle down his army from 32,000 men to 300 men so that only God can get credit for the victory.Ai?? Think about the amount of faith that it took for Gideon to basically let everything go and let God take over trusting that he would deliver them from the Midianites.Ai?? I donai??i??t know about you, but Iai??i??m not too sure how I would react to that command by God.Ai?? In the end, Gideonai??i??s great faith paid off and, through his obedience to everything God commanded him to do, watched as the Midianite army literally self destructed.

We serve such a faithful God who keeps all His promises and never fails us even in the midst of the darkest times.Ai?? Through the E-100 challenge my faith has certainly grown and I have been able to understand Godai??i??s unfailing faithfulness (even when Iai??i??m not faithful) in a deeper way.

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Lastly, throughout the reading of the different Old Testament scriptures via the E-100 Challenge it was so awesome to see the character of Jesus in several of the characters.Ai?? Ultimately, the Old Testament is a foreshadowing of the person of Jesus Christ and what he was going to do.Ai?? It was not about Noah, it was not about Abraham, and it was never even about Moses! It was all about JESUS.Ai?? All of it points to Jesus and I cannot wait to read through and discuss the E-100 passages in the New Testament!

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