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Natalie’s challenge and victory

The E-100 Challenge helped me commit to reading the bible a few times a week. I have always struggled with reading the bible on a schedule, but this challenge gave me a schedule to follow and stay on track with. While reading the Old Testament passages each week, I noticed there was always a parallel to Jesus and His wonderful attributes. The amount of foreshadowing to Jesus life that occurs throughout the Old Testament just amazes me. Ai??It shows how present God really is in planning our lives.

My favorite readings were those from Proverbs because they teach about wisdom. Proverbs 4:25-27 stood out to me the most because it states that you must not stray from the right path that God has planned for you. It says, ai???Do not swerve to the right or the leftai???. Ai?? It occurred to me the one person that that did not stray form the path is Jesus and we should all strive to be like Him more and more each day. This stood out to me because I struggle with listening to God and letting Him guide me the way He has planned.

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