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Katherine receives wisdom from God’s words and through prayer!

Without a doubt, Psalms and Proverbs are two of my most favorite books of the Bible. These books contain some of the most encouraging, comforting, and challenging words of wisdom that one can ever hope to run across in this fallen world. For me, Psalms 23, 51, and 103 are particularly beautiful Portrayals of Godai??i??s incredible love for us, and I thought it wasAi?? wonderful that these were included as part of the readings in the E100 challenge.

Psalm 23 does a fantastic job of describing just how much our Lord cares for us when it pictures Him as a gentle and caring shepherd watching over his flock of sheep (thatai??i??s us!).Ai?? An important fact about sheep is that they are not very smart, and, often find themselves in trouble of one sort or another. Sounds a lot like us humans, doesnai??i??t it? And yet Jesus guides and protects us when we put our hope and trust in Him, just like a good Shepherd does for his wayward sheep. He does this even when we have sinned, as Psalm 51 openly illustrates. The writer of this psalm, King David, knew firsthand what it was like to mess up in life and find himself feeling distanced from God because of his sin. However, the wonderful thing is that he also knew that his God was a merciful and forgiving God if he would repent and be truly broken over his sins. Psalm 51 appears to be King Davidai??i??s prayer to the Lordai??i??an intense pouring out of his heart in remorse and repentance so that he might be able to restore his fellowship with his Creator.Ai?? He desired that nothing would stand between him and Godai??i??a desire that shows the incredible attitude of his heart.Ai?? After such a moving prayer to God, we come to Psalm 103, which follows the cry from Psalm 51 as a wonderful promise. When we forsake our sinsai??i??just like the author of Psalm 51 sought to doai??i??God is ai???merciful and graciousai??? (vs. 8) to us and removes our sins from us ai???as far as the east is from the westai??? (vs. 12)ai??i??an absolutely unfathomable kindness that we could never possibly deserve!Ai?? What a beautiful encouragement to us as fallen and sinful human beings!Ai?? I really cannot express how humbled, awestruck, relieved, and overjoyed this Psalm makes me i?S.Ai?? To know that God ai???does not deal with usai??? as our sins really deserve because of His amazing grace and love, but instead chooses to forgive us and forget about the offense of our sins leaves me utterly speechless.

Following these pictures of Godai??i??s indescribable love and forgiveness in the Psalms, Proverbs comes in as Godai??i??s ai???practical instructionsai??i?? on how to live a life that pleases and glorifies Himai??i??by living a life in pursuit of Godly wisdom. Proverbs makes it clear that this wisdom is not just ANY kind of wisdom; it is a wisdom that seeks to obey Godai??i??s Word with the desire of ever growing closer to God. This wisdom goes way deeper than mere knowledge, it is not simply a store of facts in oneai??i??s head, but rather is an attitude of the heart springing from an ever-deepening relationship with God that always seeks to pursue Godai??i??s will and place HIM first in oneai??i??s life.Ai?? Proverbs gives a striking contrast between those who choose to follow God and His waysai??i??live in wisdomai??i??and those who reject Godai??i??live as ai???foolsai??i??Ai?? (Proverbs 1-4). In these chapters, we see how choosing to live for God brings a life of joy, peace, and blessing (of course, this does not mean that the follower of Jesus will never see hardships in their life, but this could be the topic for another blog post) , while choosing to live life without God brings nothing but ruin, pain, misery, and sadness (Proverbs 1-4)(though a person who rejects God may seem to be successful on the outside, the pain and emptiness is there on the inside). In light of the consequences of rejecting God and living for oneai??i??s self (as given in Proverbs), I would say that it is definitely worthwhile to choose serving Jesus over anything else in life! Youai??i??ll never regret it; I know I certainly havenai??i??t!

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So we see in the Psalms and Proverbs a couple of ai???big ideas:ai??i?? first, encouragement of who God is and how He loves, takes care of, and forgives us even when we donai??i??t deserve it, and second, a challenge/exhortation to follow God in all of His ways (choose ai???wisdomai??i??!).

What I take from all of this is that God wants all of meai??i??He wants me to be all His. He loved me so much that He sent His Son to die on the cross for me (John 3:16) in order that I might have a restored relationship with Him, and if I accept His incredible sacrifice, He will forgive me of the wrongs that I have done and I can then live in freedom from those wrongs as the recipient of His love and care.Ai?? He doesnai??i??t do any of this so that He can control us like robots, but because He knows that only in relationship with Him can our lives be the best that they ever can be. And ultimately, this is what life is all about; having a beautiful, unhindered relationship with the Creator of the Universe and Savior of our lives.

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Do you have that kind of relationship with God?

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