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Julissa overcomes fear through reading the E-100

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The E-100 challenge is a great opportunity to learn more about the Bible. Even though we are only half way through, I have already learned more than I expected. The E-100 challenge helped me to understand the Bible more and understand God’s love for me. I have always been intimidated by the Bible because it is not an easy book to read. However, by taking the challenge and doing the readings, I was able to read key parts of the Bible without feeling overwhelmed.

I love learning new things about God and the amazing power and love he has for his people. I also love getting together with my group and discussing what they’ve learned.

Every week I’m excited to open my Bible and read God’s word, and the E-100 challenge helps me to look deeper than the words on the page and look within myself at the feelings, thoughts and questions I have about God. Being able to share with my group what I learned, or how I felt reading the passages, has enriched my relationship with God and others. I can’t wait to finish the challenge and start it again!!!

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