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Amaury Experience’s Family at CA!

This past semester in Campus Ambassadors (CA) we ventured into a different format. It was a real gamble for us because it was something we had never done before. We didn’t know what was going to happen. Would people love it or hate it? All we knew was that we were following the Holy Spirit and what the Lord had placed in each one of the leader’s hearts.

diflucan cream. #Generic Diflucan . is fluconazole an antibiotic. From all the meetings and all the conversations it was clear we all wanted to turn CA into a family of brothers and sisters. Not just a group that you visit once a week and forget about until next time you see them. Or the type of group that after an entire semester of attending the meetings the leaders would come up to you and ask “what’s your name again?” No. We wanted it to be real and personal.

The result? A CA that meets in several small groups, or as we like to call them, “family groups.” These are groups of ten people at the most that meet weekly and discuss the readings or the teachings that we have been learning over the week. Beyond what a great educational opportunity it is to hear other people’s opinions, thoughts and questions; what I love most about the family groups is that they’re a safe and private environment where people are not only encouraged but welcomed to speak from their hearts and share whatever it is that may be happening in their lives and we help each other by listening, providing advice when appropriate and prayer.

I can honestly say that I consider everyone in my family group and CA as part of my family! Ai??They provide strength in times of weakness, joy in times of sadness and love in times of hurt and pain. My life wouldn’t be the same without CA and for that I’m thankful.

I hope that if you’re reading this and you’re not already a part of the wonderful family, CA is that you stop waiting and join us. If it changed my life it can change yours as well. hydroxyzine heart palpitations. #Atarax canada. can i buy hydroxyzine over the counter.

With love,


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