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Reflections on Joseph [Eric Tam]

After reading the Old Testament from the E-100 challenge, the story that stood out to me the most was the story of Joseph.Ai?? Not only did it reveal the strong faith Joseph had in tough situations, it also demonstrated how God has everything planned out and taken care of.

Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers and was accused of having an affair with the wife of an Egyptian official.Ai?? Consequently, he was put in prison. However, God was with Joseph all along.Ai?? After interpreting the Pharaohai??i??s dream, Joseph rose to power and no one had greater authority except for the Pharaoh himself. Later on, Joseph reunited with his family during diflucan cost at cvs. #Buy Diflucan USA. fluconazole 150 mg price walmart. the great famine.

From his story, I learned that when struggles come, I have to remain faithful and trust in Godai??i??s plan.Ai?? I should not blame God for the situations I was kamagra oral jelly walgreens. #purchase Kamagra. kamagra jelly for sale. placed in.Ai?? Meanwhile, I must also use these opportunities to rely on God even more.Ai?? Lastly, I need to acknowledge that God already has a plan and will definitely turn a bad situation into a good one.

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