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Dexter’s Story

Dexter at the Annual Phileo Party
Dexter at the Annual Phileo Party

Growing up I had what now might be called an ai???ordinaryai??? religious background. When I was young I went to church with my parents. I didnai??i??t really understand what was going on at that point. All I remember now was communion, and all I knew about that was that I walked up the aisle and kneeled down at the altar to get some flat bread and juice. zoloft generalized anxiety disorder. #Zoloft online. how does zoloft make you feel. I got baptized when I was a toddler and never really understood what it meant. When we moved from that neighborhood to our next house we didnai??i??t find a new church to go to. When we moved to the house after that we still didnai??i??t go back to church. My family and I would often feel uncomfortable and maybe even guilty when others talked about their regular church attendance. Now that Iai??i??ve started to branch out and learn on my own I realize what Iai??i??ve been missing out on.

God reached me in a way that only He could. Last October I was sitting in the Cooper Hall common area reading one of my favorite sci-fi novels. It had gotten to a part where the characters were talking about God when I thought ai???I really need to get back to If I had been left to myself I probably would have just sat there and never followed up on that thought.

As soon as I had finished that thought, I saw two girls going around in costumes. I figured that they were just people celebrating Halloween. They came over to me and said ai???Would you like some candy. Weai??i??re reverse trick-or-treating and giving out candy to show Godai??i??s love in a practical and tasty My first thought was ai???This is too I took some candy and watched them as they went door to door and asked if they wanted candy too. As they were leaving to go to the next set of suites I asked them what groups they represented. They told me about Campus Ambassadors, Impact Christian Fellowship, Indian Christian Fellowship, and Korean Christian Fellowship.

After they left I looked up their group and emailed their student leader at the time, Chris Tsai. I joined them on one of their service projects and made friends with them. My life has not been the same since that day.

I have been given a better idea of what God wants from me, and seen tremendous change already. For instance, I have become less violent. God wants me to follow His teachings in the Bible and live a better life through Christ. I have learned and grown in ways that I would never have if I had not connected with His followers here on campus. Campus Ambassadors, Impact and the Indian Christian Fellowship are just a few of them. They have shown me how to follow Jesus and I have started reading the Bible. I have now learned that Communion is the sharing of diflucan canada coupon. #Diflucan Canada. diflucan one. the blood and body of Jesus Christ. That he died a horrible death because he loves us, his children. I have learned that we were not meant to live and pray alone. We are meant to live together in fellowship.

We have gone to New York City to feed the homeless because God calls us to go out and show his love to the world. We give food to those on Campus who want it every Tuesday morning to show the people Godai??i??s love in a tangible way that everyone can enjoy. All of this happened because of the not-so-coincidental meeting that God arranged on Halloween!

This shows me that God is looking out for me personally, just like He looks out for all of His children. Being the loving God that He is; He still loves those who do not follow Him, and He desires a deep real relationship with everyone. All you have to do is look at the blessings in this world. He loves us and blesses us every day in an infinite number of ways. If you seek to know and follow Him, He has a place waiting for you in Heaven by His side. All you have to do is come to him and ask for His forgiveness and seek to earnestly follow Jesus’ ways. He is waiting; He has sent you the invitation.

For any who have questions or want to talk about this more please see myself, Steve, Chris, Jeff, or any of the other leaders in CA, Impact, or your local pastor.

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